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Swell App

Purchase of Swell confirmed by Apple

Swell App

The deal between Apple and Swell has been confirmed now. Though the company did not comment on the purchase price, rumors are out that the deal was worth $ 30 million as Noted by appleinsider .

As Radio app Swell offers a fantastic mix of different podcasts and this app has definitely helped podcasting reach the point it required to be at. Congrats to the Swell folks.

The Wall Street Journal reporter Daisuke Wakabayashi has confirmed the purchase of Swell on Tuesday.


And, the Closing message displayed on the Swell’s Website

Thank you for using Swell over the past year. We wanted to let you know that the Swell service is no longer available. We’ve been inspired by the opportunity to create quality products that positively impact users’ lives, and we are grateful to all our listeners. Thank you everyone for your support!

The bad news for Swell users is that the app is probably going to shut down. It would be great if Apple builds it directly into their podcasts apps. But nothing is said about it. Swell was available for free download on iOS App Store, but Apple would remove the free download option. Wondering what made Apple make such a decision?

It is assumed that the simple and user friendly interface of Swell was the major reason to Apple’s acquisition of the product. The service goes beyond by analyzing the user’s listening habits and offers a personalized podcast stream. The users could simply hit the play and start hearing the songs that might be of the user’s interest.

It is presumed that Apple would be inviting Swell’s team to join the company. With Swell, Apple is also making some additions to its team to help the giant deal with the podcasts apps. If they cannot transform it into something completely new and innovative, they should at least be able to improve the podcasts app.

Not sure what’s the major goal of Apple Inc. behind it. Apple purchased Beats earlier this year and now, we hear about Swell, it seems Apple is building some music platform for the music lovers. Let’s wait to watch the clear-cut story!

This news has come soon after Apple bought BookLamp. Apple kept the news of purchase of Swell under the wraps until last week. Apple has completed 29 acquisitions since the last 9 months. Hope this deal proves to be worth buying!

Image: Swell

Apple Alleges “Samsung Galaxy S4” and “Google Now” of Patent Infringement

Apple has officially filed a motion mentioning 5 alleged patent infringements by Samsung Galaxy S4 and another 2 Siri related patents infringed by the device’s Google Now voice controlled search feature.

I got to know that Apple ascertained that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 practices many of the same claims already asserted by Apple, and that it practices those claims in the same way as the already-accused Samsung devices.

Interestingly, Apple’s motion does NOT mention the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which Google announced at last week’s Google I/O developer conference.

However, Google Now is still under the alleged patent infringement. Find out more…

Could iPhone Have Been Different?

Like me, most others might not have known this fact that Paul Otellini, the retired CEO of Intel Corporation turned down the proposal from Apple Inc. to build the silicon, which would have powered Apple’s first iPhone.

Otellini regrets his decision and the lack of foresight in case of Apple as things could have been different for Intel who could have reaped all the benefits that Samsung has had all these years right from the beginning when they built ARM to power the first iPhone.

Otellini also said that he has learned a lesson of not following the gut and relying only on the data from the case of Apple Inc.

But as an iPhone user I’m wondering, could iPhone have been different? I mean it is already in a way different, standing class apart from other phones but “Could it have been much or less different if 1st iPhone Could Have Used Intel Chips?”

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Apple App Store’s 50 Billion App Downloads – What’s in it for You?

Needless to say that Apple’s App Market is growing by leaps and bounds. 50 Billion App Downloads in just 5 years is quite a remarkable stat. I did a little math, to evaluate the measure of the achievement and was astonished to find how big is the Apple App Market.

50 Billion App Downloads in 5 Years (approx. 1825 Days), it equals to an average of more than 27 Million App Downloads a day. Wow, that’s quite a figure! In fact a delighting one, not only for Apple but also for others (like App Developers, Sellers, Publishers, etc.) who are associated with the Promising, Popular And Profitable Market.

And getting back on Apple, I must say the company is celebrating the milestone in the most fashionable way. Apart from the “One Real Big Thanks” Apple is going to distribute the prizes of the Total US Retail Value of $35,000.00

One (1) First Prize Winner will receive one (1) Gift Card for credit in an amount equal to USD $10,000, and fifty (50) Additional Prize Winners will each receive one (1) Gift Card for credit in an amount equal to USD $500, redeemable in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore, as available in the country in which the applicable winner is located.

Anyways my point is “Apple is offering 2 things here

  1. PROMISE, of course for the growth of the businesses associated with the iOS App Market; and
  2. PRIZE, for the people (app users) who are behind the growth.

What do you think about it?

Is Apple aiming to outdo Google’s Street View?

I was thinking why did Apple go through its Maps Application which was released in iOS 6. It seems that Apple is following Google’s footsteps as a new patent was filed by Apple showing something that looks a lot like Google Street View.

I am surprised to know that Apple is eyeing its own “Street View” type navigation system and one that offers a key benefit over Google’s version. Published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s “3D Position Tracking for Panoramic Imagery Navigation” patent filing describes a navigation technology that looks and works like Street View. The system would display a panoramic image of a certain location on your mobile device, allowing you to virtually move around the area.

Wondering if Apple maps surpass Google maps very soon? I’m sorry….I’m just in a fantasy world thinking if Apple maps will ever surpass Google maps. Unless they snatched a bunch of employees from Google, I doubt they have a lot of skill in this particular arena. Google has thousands of people that do nothing but work on improving Maps. It’s not the kind of thing you can outsource to China. Unless Apple is willing to do that kind of work, their offering will never be even half as good as Google’s. I believe nobody can beat Google maps.

I just can’t wait to see those cute little iCars driving around taking iPictures and capturing iWifi signals.

The Unpronounced King of Android goes for a store-within-a-store

While talking about technology and retail outlets, no one can come close to Apple I think. When we walk into an Apple store, the professionals working their teach us how to use Apple’s products. But now, there’s one more major player that is being Apple.

Yes you heard it right. The Unpronounced king and maker of Android phones – Samsung teams up with “Best Buy” to provide Samsung Experience Shop just like Apple’s store-within-a-store concept launched at Best Buy in 2007. I wonder how much business would these 1400 Best Buy stores make. Seems like Samsung is trying to push its sales by showing off the people what it has for the customers.

Samsung is going to start off with the Galaxy line of Smart phones and tablets along with the connected products and devices. Samsung just figured that an extra training and support staff can go a long way.

Don’t know how Samsung’s strategy is gonna work, but I guess a visit to the nearest Best Buy Store would worth an experience.

Being Apple

I know that Apple stands outs and dominates the markets from many years. And I believe that the business will sustain its position and profitability in the coming years too.

But I always wondered how a company can be as popular as Apple? What sets them different from others?

Gratefully, I got my answer while browsing web, part of my daily routine of reading and acquainting myself with latest technology news & updates. I got to read about an alike company InfusionSoft, a maker of CRM and marketing automation software that is though not as big as Apple, but certainly has something in common with it.

And there are 3 following resemblances:

1) Teaching Sells:
Both Apple and InfusionSoft are always happy, in fact enthusiastic about teaching their customers on how to use their products & services. This could be a great USP for many companies who want to become the next Apple.

Think about this, if your customers are unsure about the usage of your products and services; and you don’t have programs in place to solve this; then you are probably losing on the potential prospects and eventually some business.

While on the other hand, if you educate people on the best use of your products and services; you not just stop the money drain but apparently create an environment to sell more. They may even look for your future products or services.

So that’s how Teaching sells.

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