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Could iPhone Have Been Different?

Like me, most others might not have known this fact that Paul Otellini, the retired CEO of Intel Corporation turned down the proposal from Apple Inc. to build the silicon, which would have powered Apple’s first iPhone.

Otellini regrets his decision and the lack of foresight in case of Apple as things could have been different for Intel who could have reaped all the benefits that Samsung has had all these years right from the beginning when they built ARM to power the first iPhone.

Otellini also said that he has learned a lesson of not following the gut and relying only on the data from the case of Apple Inc.

But as an iPhone user I’m wondering, could iPhone have been different? I mean it is already in a way different, standing class apart from other phones but “Could it have been much or less different if 1st iPhone Could Have Used Intel Chips?”

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The Unpronounced King of Android goes for a store-within-a-store

While talking about technology and retail outlets, no one can come close to Apple I think. When we walk into an Apple store, the professionals working their teach us how to use Apple’s products. But now, there’s one more major player that is being Apple.

Yes you heard it right. The Unpronounced king and maker of Android phones – Samsung teams up with “Best Buy” to provide Samsung Experience Shop just like Apple’s store-within-a-store concept launched at Best Buy in 2007. I wonder how much business would these 1400 Best Buy stores make. Seems like Samsung is trying to push its sales by showing off the people what it has for the customers.

Samsung is going to start off with the Galaxy line of Smart phones and tablets along with the connected products and devices. Samsung just figured that an extra training and support staff can go a long way.

Don’t know how Samsung’s strategy is gonna work, but I guess a visit to the nearest Best Buy Store would worth an experience.

Has Samsung Galaxy S4’s Arrival let Apple “Hushing and Gushing”?

The arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 might have led the Apple “Hushing and Gushing”. Or else why would Apple felt the urge all of a sudden to launch a new advertising campaign for its iphone highlighting the reasons people love the smartphone through a “Why iPhone” web page?

Dropping on Apple’s US home page I was astonishingly greeted by an iPhone 5 promotion that reads: “iPhone 5. Loving it is easy. That’s why so many people do.” I inquisitively clicked the image  that took me to Apple’s iPhone page where again I found something new, “Why iPhone” tab.

Apple’s defensive play is also quite apparent with Apple sending an email to US customers with the subject line: “How will you love it? Let us count the ways,” which had similar content to the “Why iPhone” page on Apple’s website. (Source: MacWorld.co.uk)

Even Normura states that the Galaxy S4 will help Samsung ‘overtake Apple.’ Normura’s checks (including Asian counterparts who cover some of the Apple supply chain) also suggest that the company is not working on a 4.5” to 5” device for launch in 2013. If (this is) correct then AAPL’s competitive position in fast growing emerging markets could continue to wane, and Samsung may become a bigger threat still in Western markets.

Besides some features such as Air Touch, eye tracking that pauses running apps when you look away, the ability to operate the screen with gloves, etc. are all clear differentiators relative to AAPL’s iPhone, in their (Normura’s) eyes. (Source: ValueWalk)

Watch the video to know more about Samsung’s Galaxy S4: