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Apple’s Siri can be your new Chauffeur

I’ve read Apple is gearing for iCar. It seems that Siri technology is behind it. Some auto makers like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and Toyota are finding ways to get iOS apps to work on their dashboards with others like Chevrolet and Cadillac already offering Siri integration in their Spark EV and the 2014 Cadillac CTS respectively.

Now if you’ve been thinking that Apple is just mocking other major players like Microsoft who powered Ford’s SYNC technology then you may probably be wrong, because Apple’s late CEO and the great man, “Steve Jobs dream was to design an iCar before he died”, according to longtime Apple board member Mickey Drexler.

But Apple’s Siri Eyes Free is just the beginning because the company isn’t content with Siri integration as the ONLY automotive strategy.

So iPhone users will now have one more reason to look up on company’s future innovations. [Read More…]

People Crying, Google Reader Dying and I’m Trying Alternatives

Remember the rendezvous between Larry Page, Google CEO and the great man himself Steve Jobs, back in 2011. It was shortly after Larry Page re-took the reins as CEO of Google replacing Eric Schmidt, (Google CEO then) wanting some profound piece of advice from the head honcho of Apple who already hated Google and its Android for allegedly mocking (or thefting, as Steve Jobs considered) Apple’s iOS.

Obviously Steve Jobs first response for Larry Page was “F you” but then he recalled how HP co-founder Bill Hewlett had been a source of advice for him back in his younger days, Jobs changed his heart putting aside his Android hatred for a bit and imparted the following to Page.

“Figure out what Google wants to be when it grows up. It’s now all over the map,” read the biography of Jobs’ interaction with Page. Later Jobs came to Page with a sharp advising tongue warning Google was making products, “that are adequate but not great. They’re turning you into Microsoft.” (Source: EdibleApple.com)

Yes what you are guessing right now can be quite a fact. Google thereafter in 2012 made an announcement of sending some of its products to the dumpster that may be a ripple of influence from an advice the late Steve Jobs gave to Google CEO, Larry Page. (Source: Forbes.com)

Google Reader’s retirement by July 1st, 2013 can be a part of this “dumping and ditching” that has now angered thousands of internet users.

Google (via its official blog on Wednesday) on the other hand provides ‘two simple reasons’ for closing the service, which was launched in 2005; that are ‘decline in usage of Google Reader and company’s pouring all their energy into fewer products’. (Source: DailyMail.co.uk)

So what I do I do now if I was using Google Reader too? Thinking on that, I remembered reading one of Funkadelic quotes which is “You can find the answer, the solution lies within the problem, the answer is in every question. Dig it? You won’t believe it actually turned true in my case. I had a problem with Google’s move but then Google gave me the solution when I googled “alternatives to Google Reader”

There are plenty of Google Reader Alternatives though to name a few, I’m listing the following:

  1. The Old Reader: It’s the ultimate RSS reader. Just like the old google reader, its user interface renders the required information in a simple and straightforward layout though there is no mobile app to access the feeds on the go, so stay tied to your web browser.
  2. NewsBlur: NewsBlur is another RSS reader that looks similar to Google Reader and is available for free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Although there are paid plans too for an unlimited subscription at $1/month, since free users can have a maximum of 64 feeds.
  3. Feedly: Feedly is also a popular RSS reader letting people to organize, read and share the content of their favorite sites. Feedly runs on Chrome and Firefox using the service’s extensions, and there are also iOS and Android apps, as well as an app for Kindle devices. The interface will take some getting used to, though, if you’re used to Google Reader, but it has most of the same display options.

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