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Apple App Store’s 50 Billion App Downloads – What’s in it for You?

Needless to say that Apple’s App Market is growing by leaps and bounds. 50 Billion App Downloads in just 5 years is quite a remarkable stat. I did a little math, to evaluate the measure of the achievement and was astonished to find how big is the Apple App Market.

50 Billion App Downloads in 5 Years (approx. 1825 Days), it equals to an average of more than 27 Million App Downloads a day. Wow, that’s quite a figure! In fact a delighting one, not only for Apple but also for others (like App Developers, Sellers, Publishers, etc.) who are associated with the Promising, Popular And Profitable Market.

And getting back on Apple, I must say the company is celebrating the milestone in the most fashionable way. Apart from the “One Real Big Thanks” Apple is going to distribute the prizes of the Total US Retail Value of $35,000.00

One (1) First Prize Winner will receive one (1) Gift Card for credit in an amount equal to USD $10,000, and fifty (50) Additional Prize Winners will each receive one (1) Gift Card for credit in an amount equal to USD $500, redeemable in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore, as available in the country in which the applicable winner is located.

Anyways my point is “Apple is offering 2 things here

  1. PROMISE, of course for the growth of the businesses associated with the iOS App Market; and
  2. PRIZE, for the people (app users) who are behind the growth.

What do you think about it?