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Could iPhone Have Been Different?

Like me, most others might not have known this fact that Paul Otellini, the retired CEO of Intel Corporation turned down the proposal from Apple Inc. to build the silicon, which would have powered Apple’s first iPhone.

Otellini regrets his decision and the lack of foresight in case of Apple as things could have been different for Intel who could have reaped all the benefits that Samsung has had all these years right from the beginning when they built ARM to power the first iPhone.

Otellini also said that he has learned a lesson of not following the gut and relying only on the data from the case of Apple Inc.

But as an iPhone user I’m wondering, could iPhone have been different? I mean it is already in a way different, standing class apart from other phones but “Could it have been much or less different if 1st iPhone Could Have Used Intel Chips?”

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