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What an Irony! Apple’s iOS 6 “The World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS” Discovered with FLAW

For years I’ve been a fan of Apple’s Classic Products but never thought (or I should say even imagined) that the iOS 6 which is boasted as “The World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS” on Apple’s Website, will be discovered with such a flaw.

Even after the released updates that should have supposedly fixed all the bugs in iOS 6.1.3, iPhone 4 users like me will still have to fear a potential intruding and accessing of both our contacts and photos from our iPhone 4 unless we disable the “Voice Dial” option on our phones to be safe.

I’m also wondering how long will I’ve to wait this time so that Apple can fix this issue, since it took them more than a month to resolve the previous passcode vulnerability, which was discovered in mid-February and for which we got the update on Tuesday March 19, 2013.

I’m not criticizing but its quite ironical with Apple on one hand differentiating its flagship product, iPhone by adding “Why iPhone” page on Apple.com and then on the other hand skipping on such issues.