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Twitter set to launch New Music App on iOS by the end of March 2013 – News in the Air

As per the latest scoop published by CNET, Twitter is planning to launch its music application on iOS by the end of March 2013. The micro-blogging website is prepared to release its app which will have the music streaming feature too. Last year, Twitter acquired “We Are Hunted” and is supposedly going to use  the technology of the music discovery service to create a standalone music app.

The users would be able to get the suggestions based on genre and the bands which they follow. Wondering how would the music be streamed? Twitter would be partnering with SoundCloud for the same. Currently Twitter Music account has more than 2.3 million followers and it is believed this Twitter music app is going to be an extension of Twitter music account.

Is Twitter trying to expand to broaden its reach beyond short form content? I think it’s trying to become a full-fledged media company. Earlier this year in January it launched Vine, the video sharing app. Now it seems to be foraying itself in the music discovery field. The new app is in the final stages, report indicates.

The upcoming app would have 4 main tabs namely “Suggested”, “Now Playing”, “Popular” and “Emerging”. These tabs would help the users finding and discovering the songs easily.

The new app is also likely to offer personalized music recommendations based on artists’ following by users, and users’ followers.

Apart from the all this action, the website for “We Are Hunted” goes offline which strongly indicates that Twitter is really up to something. So, keep your fingers crossed till the site is under maintenance. You may not need to wait for long for the new Twitter music launch. Besides, it has already been six months to the acquisition of We Are Hunted by Twitter.