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Natural hand function of the prosthetic limb

It’s amazing to know that prosthetic innovation seems to be moving faster than I thought. Now, it is possible to use the iPhone with a prosthetic hand. I heard about the “biosim” app through which someone having prosthetic limbs can control the phone with the help of ios app.

After watching the video, I found that there’s a conductive covering over one of the hands that lets the person use the iPhone touch screen with the prosthetics. What an amazing use of tech!

I guess the prosthetic hand would be able to interact with iPhone’s display and with the stylus too. The fake hand is expected to be all-purpose hand. The users can choose one of the 24 grip patterns and also customize the grips.

I believe nothing can beat the human hand. I’d love to know more about the technology behind it. Off I go to Google it!