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Inspect What You Expect

In a corporate environment, the difference between expectations and final results is like the difference from where you are standing to the horizon; impossible to cover. However, if a simple philosophy is adopted to its fullest, then the walk, covering this distance, seems almost like a knife to a butter; smooth.

“Inspect, what you expect,” is a philosophy instilled in every initiative I begin. Being the CEO of Space-O Technologies, I have carried this thought process all my life and imparted the message, as and when he can.

However, in the past few years, this has not remained a mere philosophy in my life but it has been observed at every stage of my work progress as well. Without an inspection, the fulfillment of expectation is impossible, I feel and, therefore, I have taken charge of all the enterprises that have been undertaken by me. Making every effort possible to communicate my expectations and the requirement of the clients and in turn to ask the people, working on the project to respond with their work instead of their words, is the best way of ‘Inspect what I expect.’

Going in depth with the concept of ‘ Inspect what you Expect,’ one can say that to expect is easy but to make a comeback to the work given and then to observe, assess and evaluate the product or the outcome in comparison to the initial idea is the right way of completing the circle and giving out results that add value to your work.

Applying this principle is no cakewalk; learn how to make an efficient use of it:

Initiative – Inspection should not become an objective or a scientific process that gets done by putting ticks on checklists. It is an initiative taken by the leaders in the team, wherein, it is made sure that the people on the receiver’s end have understood the idea, the work is going accordingly and that they do not feel lost within the whole process of the creation of the product or rendering of service.

Get Shit Done – The term inspection should not create fear in the minds of the ones who will be inspected. It should seem like a friendly or informal discussion so that the glitches can be solved and if there are any doubts in anyone’s mind, they can be cleared.

Give an Opportunity – During an inspection, do let the other person have a say. Agreed that a certain protocol should be followed, however if the one suggesting change is convinced that the change will be good and that it will add value to the product, then give him/her a chance to talk and make a difference to the project. As opposed to that, a true leader should never stick to his/her expectation during an inspection, especially if the work done exceeds all your imagination. This practice will make the employees loyal to the firm.

Rewards & Recognition – Inspection should be an appreciative process. While giving feedback, the positives of the work done should be highlighted and if there is a malfunction happening then instead of developing distrust, motivation should be provided. Other than that, if the work is done flawlessly, then a certain credit, a token of appreciation like a half day holiday, a badge, a public announcement about his successful ventures should be given. It will help employees take more responsibilities and be accountable for it as well.

I have always believed in giving out great results in the mobile apps, which Space-O creates. Although, with this mantra; ‘Inspect what you Expect’, life has become simpler and the outcome, more systematized.