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Will People Get Something Better Out of Microsoft – Nokia Deal?

Everyone is talking about it. The $7bn Microsoft – Nokia deal.

As it turns out, only Nokia is offering note making Windows Phone Devices so it is obvious for Microsoft to eat the whole pie.

What could be the sense of it, or does it even matter?

To me, the deal is not extremely exciting. Yes, I have had used Nokia devices in the infancy of mobile a decade ago but today we live in 2013 and the war of Smartphone is already won. The winners, as it appears, are not one but two.

Both of them claim that they are the winner and in their own ways, that is true.

If I talk about my perspective of the whole phenomena of Smartphone and Apps thing, I have been using and leveraging software from Apple to establish, play with and nurture my Mobile Apps Development company.

After delivering over 1200 iOS Projects, I feel so close to Apple that I am tempted to ignore other things that are happening in other areas. However being a Business Owner, I don’t subordinate to that temptation of mine.

But the point is, anyone who is fighting is for third place and many people would like to ignore that.

The reason is simple – the two winners are planning for their next flight so who takes the third place is relatively less important.

But given the context, I wonder how many innovative ideas $7bn could have bought. May be many. May be not. But still the most important question remains, could $7bn buy a whole new dimension that is innovative, next big thing and something that people look forward to?

I don’t have the answer and I doubt if anyone has it but I feel little excitement about the Microsoft – Nokia deal whatsoever. Perhaps I am biased but I still hope that in the mobile revolution era, people would get better products, services and experiences from this deal.