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Jawbone’s Up Wrist Band : A Good Personal Fitness Trainer!

I would no longer have an excuse for my health. As Jawbone has recently released its Up Wristband, the device would track the daily activities. Different sizes and colors would be available for the health gadget.

Though the Up Wristband was released in 2011, it was a disaster then. We can expect the band to work this time. The previous version of the Up wrist band was available for iOS devices, but the new bands would be compatible with the Android devices too although a few. Hopefully with mine too.

I am happy that I would be able to log the activities like eating, resting or sleeping and other large amount of data if it works with my android device. Being priced at $130, the Up band is after all a good option when compared to a “personal fitness trainer”, at least for me. It can even wake me up at the perfect and preferred time.

The battery of the band is rechargeable. What delights me is its battery life which lasts for ten days on a single recharge. Isn’t that amazing? Along with tracking the motion and its speed activity, the band also keeps a track of how many hours I would have slept.

I would buy a band which goes in combination with my Lycra shorts. So, which color band are you planning to buy?