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Being Apple

I know that Apple stands outs and dominates the markets from many years. And I believe that the business will sustain its position and profitability in the coming years too.

But I always wondered how a company can be as popular as Apple? What sets them different from others?

Gratefully, I got my answer while browsing web, part of my daily routine of reading and acquainting myself with latest technology news & updates. I got to read about an alike company InfusionSoft, a maker of CRM and marketing automation software that is though not as big as Apple, but certainly has something in common with it.

And there are 3 following resemblances:

1) Teaching Sells:
Both Apple and InfusionSoft are always happy, in fact enthusiastic about teaching their customers on how to use their products & services. This could be a great USP for many companies who want to become the next Apple.

Think about this, if your customers are unsure about the usage of your products and services; and you don’t have programs in place to solve this; then you are probably losing on the potential prospects and eventually some business.

While on the other hand, if you educate people on the best use of your products and services; you not just stop the money drain but apparently create an environment to sell more. They may even look for your future products or services.

So that’s how Teaching sells.

Read about the other 2 strategies to become to the next Apple, here.