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Should Google Worry from Flurry?

Both Google and Flurry have been offering free mobile app analytics to understand how consumers interact with their mobile applications. And now since the treasure trove of data that’s been collected by Flurry’s analytic software (that monitors consumer behavior on 1 billion smartphones and tablets each month and that’s been capturing over 1.3 trillion actions performed by such consumers in those apps each month) is ready to be utilized by advertisers; the company is launching an exchange called “Flurry Marketplace”.

The company has created this exchange to facilitate advertisers and content publishers to team up to target ads at intended audiences in an automated, programmatic fashion. The bidding takes place in real-time with pre-bundled data from more than 300,000 apps.

Not only this, advertisers can get more granular detail such as gender, device, geography, application category, application, and Flurry Personas (or profiles of users who behave in certain ways) along with access to more than 300 million monthly unique users and billions of ad requests to bid on per month. But that’s not all, the technology is compliant with an industry standard known as OpenRTB.

I’m wondering if this is turning Google Analytics vs Flurry? And if it really is then what will be Google’s next move? Because Flurry is a significant differentiator, at least that’s what company says. [Read Here…]