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Skinny iPad 5

iPad 5 Could Be Less Than 1 Pound

iPad 5 could weigh 33% lesser – no not on your pockets but in your hands. I’ve read various rumor reports claiming Apple’s fifth-generation iPad super skinny weighing less than a pound (around 0.66 pounds to be specific).

Skinny iPad 5

Image Source: Mashable.com

Also the awaited iPad 5 will hit the mass production in July and launch “as soon as September,” if we follow the word from the supply chain sources.

What’s more in the iPad 5?

  • 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 resolution display is same although this one is built on a glass substrate thinner than its predecessor (0.2mm versus 0.25mm on the iPad 4);
  • Instead of 2 Single LED backlight which will Yet be more efficient;
  • Amazingly, the new tablet’s touch panel may change up a bit with (Film on Glass) GF2 bonding that has one layer of glass and two layers of ITO film, instead of iPad 4’s G/G (Glass on Glass) bonding.

But that’s not all that Apple is upto, there is more that you must check out here.