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The latest invention: Video shooting device made from iPad

“Truly said by someone, Necessity is the mother of invention”.

I am surprised to know about the new invention made by Dave Basulto, an arts teacher in South Pasadena, Calif. The high school media arts teacher created a Kickstarter project to offer a low cost gadget to his students to be able to shoot and edit the videos. He converted Ipad Mini into a “video production platform”.

The $319 tablet serves the purpose of shooting and streaming the video too. Isn’t that a cheap option?

Basulto’s creating some video tutorials to teach the kids about how to use iOgrapher. I am sure that he is working in the right direction to offer the cheap and easy way to shoot pictures and videos.

Though iPad mini has the video stabilization capability, the videos shot were quite shaky. The first iOgrapher mount was designed by Basulto. I wonder if they can meet the deadline of the Kickstarter funding campaign. The kickstarter project has raised $ 2,665 and they aim at $ 15,000 funding.

I’ve also heard that he is creating prototypes for iPad 2, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

Basulto is planning to sell the device for $ 49. As it is expected that the device would be released in June this year, I’m planning to buy one. Good option for summer sports video capturing and parties! It’s not too heavy on the pockets. Let’s wait to see how many sales does the device makes.