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Google has a great sense of humor

The first thing what I do every morning is get a glimpse of Google on my lappy as I have set it as my Home page. Today, I found “Google Nose” on the page and was curious to know what it meant. I clicked on the link and was landed to “Google Nose” page. I was tempted to click on the button “Try Google Nose”. After clicking, I was directed to the “Hair spray page.” When I went on the “Start smelling” button, I took my nose closer to the laptop screen & pressed enter. I couldn’t smell anything for the first few seconds. I tried again and again, but didn’t get any smell. I saw the option of “Need help?”, I clicked on it and found that I was fooled by Google.

This is what I got to read:

If you are experiencing problems with Google NoseBETA, please note the following:

  • “418: Scent transfer protocol error” indicates system congestion; please try again later.
  • Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices.
  • Refrain from licking or biting your screen.
  • Try upgrading to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • It is April Fools’ Day.

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