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Will the Latest Update of Google Penguin Make Business Owners Go Mad?

Google’s Penguin is about to turn a year old posing yet another bigger threat for online and ecommerce businesses that were beleaguered earlier around this time in the previous year.

Important is to ensure that your business doesn’t go crazy with this significant update from Google which has a potential to impact your business…positively or negatively.

If what you have done with your web properties is legitimate in new penguin’s eyes, you will be impacted positively. But, if it is not then, you know what it means…

As per Search Engine Land, the Big G’s Distinguished Engineer and Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts confirms the significance of the upcoming Penguin update by asserting and anticipating it to be one of the most talked about updates in the year 2013. (Big enough to send ripples through the Search Marketing industry this year.)

But the story doesn’t end here, there is another Punishing “P” from the search engine giant called Google Panda update that is all set to shock and knock, possibly turning most people’s “Friday into a Frustrating Friday (March 15th, 2013) OR Monday into a Mourning Monday (March 18th, 2013)”

(Read the full article on Search Engine Land)

While algorithms and technical details of these updates are not known to many business owners, it is important to understand that now it will not work which used to work in early 2012 and earlier.

No more tactics are going to work to “fool” Google. We have entered a new age where straight, plain value addition (that is, fresh content, legitimate links, no sponsored links or from link networks) is going to thrive not mere “tactics”.

You don’t need to worry if online content that your web properties have are unique, fresh and is still able to add value. You need to, otherwise.

Anyways, this is an opportunity to retrospect and take corrective actions. Ultimately it is your business, isn’t it?